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I began working with animals at a veterinarian's office in Hilton Head, SC, in 2004. By 2006, my family had relocated to South Bend, IN, and I began a career as a professional pet groomer. Upon retiring from the salon I had been at for 13 years, I continued to groom in a private capacity.


I believe that each pet is unique and deserves the best personalized care. 

Balloon Dog

Glossy Groom

Includes: manicure/pedicure, sanitary trim (if necessary), brush out

Groovy Groom

Includes: Glossy Groom PLUS bath with 2 shampoos, deep coat conditioning treatment, blow out

Glitter Groom

Includes: Groovy Groom PLUS light trim up on rear, chest, and tummy

Glamour Groom

Includes: Glitter Groom PLUS full body hair cut or shave down

Glow-Up Grooming Services

Stand alone upgrades: Nail polish; hair color; additional bling

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